Emergency situation Kits for Sale

In a "worst case situation" such as a natural catastrophe or big scale emergency (earthquake, flood, fire, biological attack) Catalina with its geographical location could be cut off from the mainland for days. Emergency services from over town may be unable to aid Catalina locals because of focusing resources in their own population centers. Catalina and its homeowners could effectively be on their own.


Through Catalina Island Medical Center's Disaster Preparathon last November over 100 households were supplied with their own home kit of emergency supplies.


Now CIMC is offering a new possibility for islanders to acquire these premium preparedness packages at a great discount rate. The knapsacks available for sale have a 3-day supply of emergency situation arrangements for a household of 4. They are valued at over $100 and CIMC is providing them for just $40.


These "go bags" consist of 16 lbs. of items in a backpack simple to grab in case of evacuation. Contents consist of: emergency situation food rations, emergency situation water, a First Aid Kit, LED Flashlight, 12-hour glow sticks, Ponchos for serious weather condition, 24-hour Body Warmer blankets, a temporary shelter tent, an emergency situation whistle with compass, a 4 in 1 Dynamo Radio Flashlight, medical grade face masks for dust and more-- Everything you need for 72-hour emergency situation survival remains in this one total, portable backpack.


FEMA, the Red Cross, and the State of California advise you have these items on hand for personal needs, shelter, heat and much more. This survival set has a 5-year service life and is packaged in a durable backpack that is simple to bring and store. It is perfect for smaller sized home.


A batch of Disaster Kits were sold at the April 28 Community Health Fair and now there are only 15 left. The purchase of these added emergency bags was enabled by the generous support of CIMC’s community partners: Southern California Edison who provided a $5000 grant. The CIMC Foundation donated $1500, the Catalina Island Women's Forum offered $1000, as did the Lions Club and Rotary.


Products won’t last, so those interested need to leave a message with Judy Hibbs -LRB-310-RRB- 510-1264 or get their emergency situation set at the health center reception location soon. Get a backpack and be much safer and more ready for an emergency situation or disaster.